WORKSHOPS at 10:30 and 11:45

10 € / 20 € / person

10:30 Outi Koivuniemi: beginner’s course, play melodies on the ukulele – learn to read tabulatures. 10 € / person

10:30 Erkki Kuuttila: Basic ukulele lessons and quartet training. Session designed for those who have already taken the elementary course. 10 € / person

10:30 Zoe Bestel: songwriting workshop. Tips & tricks and some activities to act on and then to take away that will help you come up with future themes and lyrics. 20 € / person

11:45 Outi Koivuniemi . Ukulele as a musical instrument in school – workshop for music teachers, duration 1 – 1.5 hours 20 € / person

11:45 Jarmo Julkunen, Don Huonot workshop 20 € / person

11.45: UKULOLLO – “Play one ukulele, Sound like two!” 20 € / person
We will learn all the secrets that enable us to play a melody and chords (and sing!) at the same time – arrangement tricks to play along with other ukulele players of different skill levels. Three (3) “must-know” points to always bear in mind in order to perform on stage, in front of people, without being scared, totally enjoying our music! Suitable for all skill levels, but optimized for intermediate players


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