Songwriting Competition

Write the words for Eki’s Uke song and you may win two tickets to Ukulele club at Kukulele2019 or a ukulele of your own and on top of all that gain glory as a lyricist. The Jury will award the prices for the best lyrics. The Jury may award as many commendations as they wish.

The winner is entitled to sing the song she has written with Karkkilan I Ukuleleorkesteri at Kukulele2019 day time concert. The winner may alternatively authorize someone else to sing the winning lyrics for her at the concert.

Rules for the sonwriting competition:

The lyrics must contain the words “Karkkila” and “Ukulele”. A participant is allowed to submit text to the competition. All rights of the composition are reserved to Erkki Kuuttila (the winner will own the rights for the lyrics). The composer will reserve all rights to modifications of the genre or the composition.

Please submit your lyrics for the competition on the form below or by email to by 15th July 2019. Remember to attach your contact information on the email. The winner will be contacted personally by 29 July 2019.

Get inspired and write the lyrics to the Ukesong of Summer 2019.