Kukulele 2018 – 3.-4.8.2018


Karkkila’s international ukulele festival KUKULELE 2018 will be held for the fourth time from Friday to Saturday, 3-4 August 2018. A warm-hearted festive spirit awaits city-dwellers, summer vacationers, ukulele players, enthusiasts and music lovers from across the country.

Friday evening church concert

The festival begins on Friday evening, 3 August with a magnificent church concert. Baroque mastery, moments of joy and sadness, fresh and original new performers. The evening concert culminates in a gospel atmosphere featuring an outstanding ukulele orchestra that breaks musical limits. The evening promises notoriety and mastery in Karkkila’s beautiful wooden church.

Saturday – inspiration, fun and more from morning to night

In the morning, beginners as well as long-time musicians, players and music teachers can improve their skills in the workshops, so come and network! And this time, some of the workshop participants will also perform in the evening concert. Check out the workshop program.
On Saturday, the courtyard of the town hall will become an ukulele arena for the entire family. A lot is on the program. On the main stage will be top performers. And nearby, a ukulele tent – a place to try an ukulele/ to play ukulele and share ukulele knowledge, a children’s puppet theater, street artists, place to make flower leis and more.

The day will pass by comfortably, and with plenty of delicious food on offer, there’s no need to go hungry. Cook pancakes, enjoy grilled treats and drinks on tap for the thirsty ones. Some of the events charge a small fee, so remember to bring along some cash!
The Saturday Ukuleleclub concert will be a blast – pop virtuoso Kalle Ahola (Don Huonot) will perform with the morning workshop group and will also surely play a one-of-a-kind gig to remember with the Helsinki Ukulele Studio Orchestra. In addition, the amazingly skilled ZOE BESTEL from Great Britain and UKULOLLO from Italy, and MARIKO’s (Kwan) powerful groove will get hearts beating with these ultra-skilled performances. Come and experience the joy of music! Click here to see the performers!

The festival brings together nearly a hundred performers to Karkkila the day: top ukulele artists and enthusiasts from Finland and abroad. Come and participate in the happy event.
Bring your music-loving friends along and grab an ukulele!

Confirm your place in your favorite workshops and evening concerts – tickets here!

Buy a festival shirt here!

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